Sisters of Slaughter

Produced by: Games Workshop

Line: Warhammer Fantasy

Find it: Ebay


Initially this was just going to be a test model in color schemes for an upcoming mini I’m painting for a competition (first one, a little nervous). But I ended up really liking it and there are really only super small things I’d change about it. To do the blood I basically followed this technique, but with Bloody Red instead of Blood for the Blood God.

The name for this one is a little bit of an inside joke… Don’t worry about it.



  1. Black
  2. Heavy Purple
  3. Gunmetal
  4. Silver
  5. Polished Gold
  6. Black Ink
  7. Stonewall Grey
  8. Violet Ink
  9. Beasty Brown
  10. Dead White


  1. Rosy Shadow
  2. Rosy Skin
  3. Fair Highlight


  1. Balthasar Gold


  1. Gale Force 9 Static Grass


  • Skin
    • Base in Rosy Shadow
    • Layer up to a 2:1 ratio of Rosy Shadow and Rosy Skin
    • Layer up to a 1:1 ratio of the same
    • Layer up to a 1:2 ratio of the same
    • Layer up to straight Rosy Skin
    • Fine highlight with 1:1 mix of Rosy Skin to Fair Highlight
  • Leather
    • Base in Black
    • Highlight with Heavy Purple
  • Silver
    • Base with Gunmetal
    • Highlight with Silver
  • Gold
    • Base in Balthasar Gold
    • Highlight with Polished Gold
    • Use a small amount of Black Ink in the deep Eye and Mouth cavities
  • Purple Cloth
    • Base in 2:1 mix of Heavy Purple to Stonewall Grey
    • Wash with Violet Ink
    • Highlight with the original base mix
  • Base
    • Base with Beasty Brown
    • Glue Gale Force 9 Static Grass on in liberal amounts
    • Paint thin line of Dead White on Grass

What I Learned/What I’d Do Differently

Going back there are only two things I’d change. I’d thin the Polished Gold highlight down a little more on the helmet. And Make it so the blood came from a more obvious directional source.