Tau Pathfinder

Produced by: Games Workshop

Line: Warhammer 40K

Find it: GW


I wanted to take a few lessons I learned from the Salamander Pyroclast and the last Pathfinder and apply them to one of the other Pathfinders… I have like 6 more sill… But the things I improved on this one are a more smooth transitions to the armor high lights, darker green armor, more interesting terrain, and some glazing to get the rail-gun to have a bit of a glowing effect. Fun fact, the rocks on the base, are just left over bits of sprue I clipped off and super glued on before painting.



  1. Leather Brown
  2. Dead White
  3. Heavy Blackgreen
  4. Heavy Green
  5. Heavy Gray
  6. Black Ink
  7. Black
  8. Bone White
  9. Blue Ink
  10. Heavy Blue


  1. Aggrax Earthshade
  2. Macragge Blue
  3. Leadbelcher
  4. Balthasar Gold


  1. Gale Force 9 Static Grass


  • Cloth
    • Base with 1:1 ratio of Leather Brown and Dead White
    • Shade with Aggrax Earthshade
    • Highlight with Bone White
  • Dark Green Armor
    • Base in Heavy Blackgreen
    • Layer up with Heavy Green
    • Highlight with a 1:1 ratio of Heavy Green to Heavy Gray
    • Careful recess shade with Black Ink
  • Railgun Glow
    • Paint 3 light layers of 1:1:3 mix of Blue Ink, Dead White, and Glazing Medium
  • Feet
    • Base with 2:1 ratio of Heavy Blue to Black
    • Highlight with Macragge Blue
    • Base hoofs with Black
  • Gold Accents
    • Balthasar Gold
  • Silver Accents
    • Leadbelcher
  • Base
    • Base in Khaki combo of 1:1 Leather Brown and Dead White
    • Agrax Earthshade
    • Light drybrush of base ratio

What I Learned/What I’d Do Differently

Only think I might change with this one is eventually changing it so the highlights on the pants aren’t Bone White but are instead the original khaki base mix. After the Agrax, it just looks too bright.