Salamanders Legion Pyroclast

Produced by: Forge World

Line: Warhammer 40K

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So I’m back to Warhammer… But it’s not Games Workshop. One of my favorite Space Marine chapters is the Salamanders (poor bastards don’t get any attention from GW.) But I finally got around to painting the HIGHLY detailed model.

I wanted to try some less usual things for me. I wanted to get some glazing for the transition for the fire, but I also wanted to try my hand at barrel burn (because flamethrower… duh) and some chip paint (though that was after I took the pictures). Also wanted to try and get a rocky, ashen look for the base. Happy with how it turned out but would change some things.



  1. Goblin Green
  2. Green Ink
  3. Bone White
  4. Heavy Black Green
  5. Heavy Green
  6. Heavy Grey
  7. Heavy Red
  8. Black Ink
  9. Silver
  10. Heavy Bluegrey
  11. Black
  12. Fire Orange
  13. Sun Yellow
  14. Red Ink
  15. Cold Flesh (Nocturna Special)


  1. Agrax Earthshade
  2. Leadbelcher
  3. Balthasar Gold


  • Light Green Armor
    • Base in Goblin Green
    • Green Ink wash
    • Highlight with 2:1 ratio of Goblin Green to Bone White
  • Dark Green Armor
    • Base in Heavy Blackgreen
    • Layer up to Heavy Green
    • Layer up to a 1:1 mix of Heavy Green and Heavy Grey
  • Bone Sigils
    • Base with Bone White
    • Light Agrax Earthshade wash
    • Clean up with Bone White
  • Red Canisters
    • Heavy Red base
    • Agrax Earthshade along details and on lower sections, moving downwards
  • Gold Accents
    • Balthasar Gold base
    • Agrax Earthshade
    • Clean up and highlight with Balthasar Gold
  • Gun
    • Base with Leadbelcher
    • Black Ink
    • Second , smaller Black Ink wash moving brush towards the tips of the barrels
    • Highlight with Silver
  • Base
    • Base with Leadbelcher
    • Black Ink
    • Drybrush 2:1 mix Heavy Bluegrey and Black
    • Black Ink wash
    • Lightly drybrush Black Ink
  • Drake Skin
    • Heavy Grey Base
    • Light layer of Black Ink
    • Paint scales with Black
  • Eyes
    • Base eyes and surrounding area in Heavy Black Green
    • Paint in Eyes Fire Orange
    • Thin Fire Orange with water and put a thin layer surrounding the eyes
  • Flames
    • Base in Sun Yellow
    • Glaze with a 1:5 mix of Red Ink and Glaze Medium
    • Smaller Glaze higher up of a 1:3 ratio
    • Smaller still Glaze of 1:1 pretty much just on the tips of the flames
  • Coals
    • Carefully paint a 3:1 mix of Black to Cold Flesh on the prominent coals, leaving some yellow between them

What I Learned/What I’d Do Differently

As I mentioned in the Summary, I went ahead and took some Leadbelcher and used a torn up sponge brush to dab on some paint chipping.

As far as what I would do differently, I think I’d clean up some of the shading a little more, make it less splotchy in some sections, particularly around the back. Part of that would also be not attaching one of the arms before painting.

Along the same lines, I think I’d actually use a glaze medium to get the glowing effects for the eyes next time… I should also have done the eyes as one of the first sections so it would be easier to clean up.

I also might look into getting some more terrain paints. I’m glad I was able to get a sort of charred effect on the base I was looking for, but I think I’d want it to have more texture if I ever do it again.

Glad with how the rocks turned out though. All I did for those is take some cut up bits of excess sprew and glue them onto the base and paint over them. Same thing I did for that metal plate embedded by the model’s feet.