Hellknight Signifier

Produced by: Reaper

Line: Pathfinder

Find it: Reaper


Similar to the Cleric miniature, I wanted to do something non-GW. And this is also a model I wanted to paint for a long time. I really love the line of action in it and the interesting dichotomy between the hard metal armor and the flowing dress. No real new techniques but I was pleased with the way the armor turned out since I had never done a model with that much on it.



  1. Pale Flesh (Nocturna Special)
  2. Heavy Red
  3. Black Ink
  4. Silver
  5. White Flesh (Nocturna Special)
  6. Dead White
  7. Beasty Brown
  8. Fire Orange
  9. Sun Yellow


  1. Fair Highlight


  1. Aggrax Earthshade
  2. Leadbelcher
  3. Balthasar Gold


  • Skin
    • Base with Pale Flesh
    • Highlight with 1:1 ratio of Pale Flesh and Fair Highlight
  • Dress
    • Base in Heavy Red
    • Lay on a THICK layer of Aggrax Earthshade
    • Highlight back up to Heavy Red, avoided shaded regions
  • Armor
    • Leadbelcher Base
    • Recess shade of Black Ink
    • Highlight with Silver
  • Hair
    • Base in White Flesh
    • Highlight with Dead White
  • Gold Accents
    • Balthasar Gold
  • Leather
    • Beasty Brown
  • Orange Armor Accents
    • Base with Fire Orange
    • Highlight with Sun Yellow

What I Learned/What I’d Do Differently

Wouldn’t really change much on this model. Maybe want to make a more elaborate base, but I can’t turn down “free with the purchase of the model.” Maybe one day, I’ll add a brighter highlight to the dress. But for now I kind of like the dreariness of it.