Cleric of Urgathoa

Produced by: Reaper

Line: Dark Heaven Legends

Find it: Reaper


I’ve been wanting to paint this miniature for a while now. Baught it a long time ago and I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of Games Workshops minis lately, so I decided to change it up a bit. So far, I think this model has had the most flowing fabric. I also intentionally decided to give her black hair because I hadn’t done it yet… More on that in the “what I learned” section…



  1. Black
  2. Stonewall Grey
  3. Pale Flesh (Nocturna Special)
  4. Dead White
  5. Cold Flesh (Nocturna Special)
  6. Fire Orange
  7. Heavy Blue
  8. Beasty Brown
  9. Skin Wash
  10. Silver
  11. Black Ink
  12. Sun Yellow


  1. Rosy Shadow
  2. Rosy Skin


  1. Aggrax Earthshade
  2. Leadbelcher


  • Eyes
    • Base in Vellejo Black and use base coat of skin to clean up
  • Skin
    • Base with 2:1 mix of Rosy Shadow and Rosy Skin
    • Layer up as following, 1:1
    • 1:2
    • Rosy Skin
  • Black Fabric
    • Base with Black
    • Highlight with an eyeballed mix of Stonewall Grey and Black to make a dark grey
  • White Fabric
    • Base with Pale Flesh (for a warm white base)
    • Layer up with a 1:1 mix of Dead White and Pale Flesh
    • Make fine highlights with Dead White
  • Feathers
    • Base in Black
    • Layer up with 1:1 mix of Cold Flesh and Black (but only on some sections toward the end)
    • Paint tips in Fire Orange
  • Hair
    • Base in Black
    • Layer up with 1:1 mix of Black and Heavy Blue
    • Highlight with a 1:3 ratio
  • Scythe Haft
    • Base with Beasty Brown
    • Wash with Skin Wash
  • Scythe Blade
    • Base with Leadbelcher
    • Make edge highlights with Silver
    • Recess shade with black ink where blade joins haft
  • Orange Corsett
    • Fire Orange base
    • Highlight with Sun Yell0w

What I Learned/What I’d Do Differently

Two major things I’d change… The hair, and the white dress. I would like for the paints to make a smoother transition for the highlights on the hair and I’d probably do it by making a glaze with Heavy Blue and maybe mixing a more blue grey for the finer highlights in the hair.

As per the dress, Should have thinned the white paint more for the fine highlights. Simple as that.