Sisters of Slaughter

Produced by: Games Workshop

Line: Warhammer Fantasy

Find it: Ebay


Been working on a project for a friend. We occasionally play Blood Bowl 2 (on PC) and we had an… incident… Where I killed both of his Witches in the same match… So I decided to make a memorial for them.

Had a good time with this one. Pretty easy project for it’s my first conversion. All I really had to do was clip off some weapons and bits, then file them down with my round needle file. And use the scrap to lean the figures forward some.



  1. Black
  2. Pale Skin (Nocturna Special)
  3. Stonewall Grey
  4. Bloody Red (before Skin)
  5. Black Ink
  6. Sun Yellow
  7. Dead White
  8. White Flesh (Nocturna Special)
  9. Silver
  10. Beasty Brown


  1. Fair Highlight


  1. Aggrax Earthshade
  2. Leadbelcher


  1. Gale Force 9 Static Grass


  • Eyes
    • Paint Bloody Red before you put down the skin base color so you can correct any errors with it
  •  Skin
    • Base in Pale Skin
    • Layer up with a 2:1 ratio of Pale Skin and Fair Highlight
    • Layer up to a 1:1 mix
    • Layer up to a 1:2 mix
    • Then do extreme highlights with straight Fair Highlight
  • Black Leather
    • Base with Black
    • Highlight with 3:1 mixture of Black to Stonewall Grey
  • Rocks
    • Base with Leadbelcher
    • Layer with Stonewall
    • Wash with Black Ink
  • Yellow Armor
    • Base in Sun Yellow
    • Recess Shade with Aggrax Earthshade
    • Highlight with 1:1 ratio of Sun Yellow and Dead White
  • Silver Accents and Trim
    • Silver
  • Hair
    • Base in White Flesh
    • Highlight with Dead White
  • Base
    • Base with Beasty Brown
    • Wash with Black Ink
    • Quickly dry off excess
    • Let dry
    • Glue on Gale Force 9 Static Grass
    • Use Dead White to paint a thin line on grass

What I Learned/What I’d Do Differently

If I’m going to do anything differently with this, it’s thin the glue less for the grass. I would like it to be more lush. Like a real football field. Actually I’ll probably redo that section later and just not re-post it.

I think I might try and put a small ring of black around the eyes next time too.