Tau Pathfinder

Produced by: Games Workshop

Line: Warhammer 40K

Find it: GW


I decided it was finally time to paint one of the Tau Pathfinders. Didn’t have high expectations of this one but I wanted to try laying down some grass and see how I could get the cork board to look when it took up almost the whole base. Glad with how that turned out. Maybe should have spent more time on the gun. Maybe should have made the lenses blue instead of polarized. But that’s preference stuff. Something to try for the next one! I have 9 more after all.



  1. Leather Brown
  2. Dead White
  3. Dark Green
  4. Goblin Green
  5. Black Green Ink
  6. Black
  7. Skin Wash
  8. Silver
  9. Bone White


  1. Aggrax Earthshade
  2. Macragge Blue
  3. Drakenhof Nightshade
  4. Leadbelcher
  5. Balthasar Gold
  6. Agrellan Earth (thinned)


  1. Gale Force 9 Static Grass


  • Cloth
    • Base with 1:1 ratio of Leather Brown and Dead White
    • Shade with Aggrax Earthshade
    • Highlight with base color
  • Dark Green Armor
    • Base with 3:1 Ratio of Dark Green to Goblin Green
    • Recess shade of Black Green Ink
    • Goblin Green Highlight
  • Feet
    • Base with Macragge Blue
    • Shade with Drakenhof Nightshade
    • Base hoofs with Black
  • Ammo Pouch
    • Base with Leather Brown
    • Light shade with Skin Wash
  • Ammo Clips
    • Base with Leadbelcher
    • Highlight with Silver
  • Bronze Accents
    • Balthasar Gold
  • Stone Base
    • Base with thinned Agrellan Earth
    • Shade with Aggrax Earthshade
    • Drybrush with Bone White
  • Grass
    • Use an old brush to thin some PBA (Elmer’s) glue and brush it under the rock
    • Sprinkle grass liberally onto glue

What I Learned/What I’d Do Differently

I think I got a little impatient at the end again. Might spend an extra 20 minutes or so cleaning up the gun. Making the recces shading  a little less bold and more clean. Might also lay down an extra layer of Balthasar Gold just to really get it to pop.

Really like the effect of putting down some broken up cork to elevate one side of the flat rock though. Also really like how the more sandstone colored stone turned out. First time I tried a less grey rock.

The mixtures were a little weird for this one because the greens always dry darker than they are when wet. Took some adjusting to get the ratios to where they are in the notes above, but I like it.