Tau – Pathfinder Drones

Produced by: Games Workshop

Line: Warhammer 40K

Find it: Amazon or Ebay


I got the Tau Pathfinder set as a gift for Xmas. Part of the reason I chose the color scheme I did is because I have some left over paints from the Warhammer Painters Starter Kit. So I wanted to use up some of the Leadbelcher and MaCragge Blue from it. Initially I was a little worried about the colors actually.

Blue and orange is a wonderful combination, one of my favorites. But when I got all the base colors down something just looked off with the models. Thankfully, the next day when I added the metallics and highlights, everything seemed to gel.



  1. Orange Fire
  2. Sun Yellow
  3. Blue Ink
  4. Dead White


  1. MaCragge Blue
  2. Leadbelcher
  3. Balthasar Gold


  • Dark Blue
    1. Base with Macragge Blue
    2. Highlight with thin layer of 1:1 mix Macragge Blue and Dead White
  • Light Blue
    1. Base with 1:1 mix of Blue Ink and Dead White
    2. Highlight with a 1:3 mix Blue Ink to Dead White
  • Orange
    1. Base with Orange Fire
    2. Highlight with Sun Yellow
  • Gold Accents
    1. Balthasar Gold
  • Silver Accents
    1. Leadbelcher

What I Learned/What I’d Do Differently

The only thing I would try and do differently here is to have a little more brush control when it came to some of the highlights and recessed areas on the larger drone. That and I might add some highlights on the metallic Leadbelcher parts using Vellejo Silver. Maybe paint more of the models before assembling them to get better and easier access.