Mistweaver Saih

Produced by: Games Workshop

Line: Silver Tower

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In my never ending (unless I get bored with the hobby) attempt to get better, I decided to try some glazing. It took me a while and several test pieces to get the confidence to do it even semi-properly but I did. And on one of the unpainted models I really like the look of too! This was hands down the most complicated thing I’ve painted so far.

Glazing is really daunting so if you go for it, remember to use test models that are cheap and you don’t care about but can give you a decent idea on how it will look on the model you actually want it on. If you want to learn how to do it there are tons of sources on youtube and various forums.



  1. Black
  2. Ultramarine Blue
  3. Silver
  4. Bloody Red
  5. Leather Brown
  6. Orange Fire
  7. Polished Gold
  8. Silver
  9. Stonewall Grey
  10. Dead White
  11. Beasty Brown
  12. Skin Wash
  13. Blue Ink
  14. Green Ink
  15. Violet Ink
  16. Glazing Medium


  1. Rosy Shadow
  2. Rosy Skin
  3. Fair Highlights


  1. Agrellan Earth
  2. Leadbelcher


  • Cool Sparkly Starry Space Mask
    1. Base with Black
    2. REALLY thin down some Ultramarine Blue and brush it kind of randomly around the mask in a circularish pattern to look like a nebula
    3. Mask off the majority of the model with a paper towel (with a hole cut in it for the mask) and load a tooth brush or dry brush with Silver. Then make the brush only hold about half capacity. Now take your finger and use the bristles to fling the silver on the mask in little flecks from about an inch or two away and from several different directions.
  • Red Hair
    1. Base with 1:1 Leather Brown and Bloody Red
    2. Base with Bloody Red but in lower amounts than the previous mixture
    3. Highlight with thinned Orange Fire
  • Base
    1. Agrellan Earth
  • Base Rocks
    1. Base with Leadbelcher
    2. Heavy dry brush with 1:1 ratio of Black and Stonewall
    3. Dry brush with Stonewall
    4. Light dry brush with Agrellan Earth
  • Mist
    1. Base with a 3:1 Dead White to Stonewall mix
    2. Highlight with thinned down Dead White (may require two passes in some places)
  • Dress Skirt
    1. Base the whole thing in Stonewall
      • Aqua
        1. Base the whole thing in a 1:1:1 mix of Blue Ink, Green Ink, and Dead White
        2. Then do highlights and edge highlights with a 1:1:2 mix
      • Violet (the solid sections higher up, not the gradient)
        1. Layer over the Stonewall with Violet Ink
        2. Highlight with 2:1 ratio of Violet and Stonewall
        3. Layer all over again with Violet
      • Violet Transition/Gradient
        1. First glaze from about halfway up the skirt with a 1:1 mix of the Violet and Aqua (remember to use plenty of Glazing Medium. Almost double the amount of paint there is
        2. Second glaze from about 75% of the way up the Skirt with just Violet and Glazing Medium
  • Skin
    1. Base with Rosy Shadow
    2. Layer up with 2:1 Rosy Shadow to Rosy Skin
    3. Layer up with 1:1 Rosy Shadow to Rosy Skin
    4. Layer up with 1:2 Rosy Shadow to Rosy Skin
    5. Layer up with Rosy Skin
    6. Fine highlights with 1:1 mix of Rosy Skin and Fair Highlights
  • Aqua Armor
    1. Use the same technique used in the Aqua dress, for bases and highlights
    2. Recess shade with a 1:1 mix of aqua and violet ink, that’s about one quarter paint and three quarters glazing medium.
  • Black Leggings
    1. Base Black
    2. Highlight with 2:1 ratio of Black and Stonewall Grey
  • Staff Haft
    1. Beasty Brown
    2. Skin Wash
  • Gold Accents
    1. Polished Gold
  • Silver Accents
    1. Silver

What I Learned/What I’d Do Differently

So definitely a few things. One, when you’re going to glaze, if the parts are separated but incorporate the same transition (like a dress transitioning from purple to teal being cut in half) you may want to assemble those pieces to get a more cohesive blend. I did not do that… But will in the future.

Another thing, if you’re going to try and increase the speed of the glaze layers drying, use caution when dealing with a hair dryer as plastic melts… And definitely use EXTRA caution if you don’t have a hair dryer but do have a heat gun and think you can be careful enough to make that work… Don’t. Actually just don’t. I used my heat gun, I was really careful, the crescent moon head piece still managed to melt after I painted it.