Eldar – Harlequin Troupe Leader

Produced by: Games Workshop

Line: Warhammer 40K

Find it: Amazingly, GW seems to have it cheapest… This week…


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! I don’t know why but when I found the Harlequins and their checkered patterns I had to do them. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out since I had never done anything this detailed, but I jumped at the challenge and I think it turned out pretty well for all the color schemes. Of course… That was after I did a little research.



  1. Ultramarine Blue
  2. Dark Green
  3. Black
  4. Silver
  5. Black Ink
  6. Bloody Red
  7. Orange Fire
  8. Blue Ink
  9. Dead White
  10. Stonewall Grey
  11. Violet Ink
  12. Agrellan earth
  13. Skin Wash
  14. Leather Brown


  • Cloak
    1. Base with 1:1 mix of Ultramarine Blue and Dark Green
    2. Highlight with Ultramarine
  • Checker Pattern
    • Black Lines
      1. Spiral several parallel lines down the legs and arms
      2. Then reverse them to create diamonds
    • Light Blue
      1. 1:1 ratio Blue Ink and Dead White
      2. Highlight with 1:3 mixture
    • Red
      1. Base with Bloody Red
      2. Hightlight with 1:1 mix of Bloody Red and Orange Fire
  • Disruptor Gem
    1. Base in Stonewall Grey
    2. Wash with Violet Ink
    3. Drybrush with Dead White
  • Gems
    • Base in Black
    • Layer Light blue mixture in bottom right corner
    • Layer Blue in above and to the left of that
    • Layer Ultramarine above that
    • Put dot of Dead White in top left corner
  • Undersuit
    • Base of Black
    • Highlight with Black with hint of Ultramarine
  • Silver Accents
    • Base with Silver
    • Wash of Black Ink
  • Base Stone
    • Base Leather Brown
    • Wash with Skin Wash
    • Lightly drybrush with Leather Brown
  • Base
    • Agrellan Earth
    • Drybrush with thinned Skin Wash

What I Learned/What I’d Do Differently

I ended up really proud of how this one turned out. Only things I would change are how much I thinned down the Black Ink for the Silver areas and try to make the lines more straight on the underside of the cloak.