Eldessa, Necromancer

Produced by: Reaper

Line: Dark Heaven Legends

Find it: Here


When I first started shopping for miniatures, this one caught my eye. I liked the pose. The overall aesthetic of it was really interesting. The flowing fabric looked neat and potentially challenging to paint. And it shows plenty of skin… Not like that.

I hadn’t painted skin up to this point. But I understood from research that it was fairly challenging. There are tons of ways to do it (Base/wash/relayer/highlight, layering with multiple colors, glazing, etc) but I chose to try a layering process. Layering is fairly simple at it’s basics. You base with the darker skin tone and with thinned paint you layer up with smaller and smaller surface areas to the light gradually adding lighter pigment. For more detailed video on this process, try this one. If that one’s too long, try this instead.

But I didn’t want to ruin a model I liked while testing it out. Hence this post!

This model also gave me a chance to experiment with the limited paint range I had. Which is why some more experienced painters will look at my process and go “Why the hell didn’t he just use x or y paint instead of mixing those other paints together in a way they clearly weren’t meant to be mixed?”



  1. Violet Ink
  2. Stonewall Grey
  3. Dead White
  4. Bronzed Flesh
  5. Bone White
  6. Agrax Earth Shade
  7. Leather Brown
  8. Green Ink
  9. Black Ink
  10. Black


  1. Balthasar Gold


  • Dress
    1. Base with a thing layer of Stonewall
    2. Layer completely with Violet Ink
    3. Highlight with 1:1 ratio of Violet Ink and Dead White
    4. Layer completely with Violet Ink
  • Skin
    1. Base with roughly 1:5 ratio of Bronzed Flesh and Bone White
    2. Layer up to a ratio of roughly 1:10 Bronzed Flesh and Bone White
  • Dragonling
    1. Base with Dead White
    2. Wash with Green Ink
  • Skulls
    1. Base with Bone White
    2. Wash with Agrax Earth Shade
  • Bronze
    1. Balthasar Gold
  • Hair
    1. Dead White
  • Eyes
    1. Black
  • Leather Glove
    1. Leather Brown

What I Learned/What I’d Do Differently

I’m actually pretty proud with how this one turned out, especially since it was my second miniature. If I did it again I’d make the hair have more shades to it. Maybe using some glazing medium and a bit of off-white or grey to some of the areas hit by less white.

I’d also use different paints for the skin. I had a more limited pallet when I painting Eldessa and because of that I only used two somewhat contrasting colors. The goal was to get some pale skin and all I had was Bronzed Flesh. With my current knowledge I’d base with some Reaper Rosy Shadow, then layer up to Rosy Skin, then up to a mix of Rosy Skin and Fair Skin or even Fair Highlight.

I also would have paid more attention to the details of the summoned dragonling. Maybe shade some of the areas in a Dark Green Ink and dry brush with some Bone White?