Virina, Female Demon

Produced by: Reaper

Find it: Here


Before I put paint down on a model I actually like, I wanted to try and get skin down. With the limited pallet I had available I knew it might be a little difficult, but what’s a hobby with not challenges? At first I tried to create a mix of Vellejo Bone White and Skin Shade, but the mixture and subsequent layers turned out chalky.

So I decided to then try a mixture of Bronzed Flesh and Bone White. I know the pictures above make it look like something out of The Simpsons, but believe me when I say that’s just my dumb phone camera. The Eldessa, Necromancer image (linked above) uses the same process and that looks much more akin to reality.



  1. Bronzed Flesh
  2. Bone White


  • Skin
    1. Base with roughly 7:3 ratio of Bone White and Bronzed Flesh
    2. Layer up to a 9:1 mix

What I Learned/What I’d Do Differently

With a loittle more experience under my belt, I spent a few bucks and got some more skin tone paints. Big help that. This is also one of the projects where I figured out a more intuitive feel for how much to thin various paints for what I wanted done. If you’re looking for a more detailed tutorial on how to do skin, try this.